Monday, March 13, 2017

Was 'A Day Without Women' Useful or Not?

So this past International Women's Day was supposed to be 'a day without women', at least at work. Women would strike where they can, and dress in red where they can't.

But it turned out that, at least where we were on that day, we didn't notice many missing women, nor did we notice a sea of red. It looked as if this 'day without women' didn't happen after all.

Checking the celebrity news online, we did see lots of pictures of celebrities dressed in red, though. We voted on who wore it the best, and Anne Hathaway won. (Her speech was amazing too, by the way.)

So did 'a day without women' happen or not? Apparently it did happen at least somewhere out there. But why not around us? We probably should blame ourselves first, as none of us participated. Not only would it endanger our jobs to strike without any union backing us, we also understood that our bosses simply don't like red in our workplace.

'A day without women' was a nice idea. But in the end, it wasn't practical enough for many people.