Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is It More Feminist to Support or Boycott Ivanka Trump?

Donald Trump's controversial policies have caused a global movement to boycott his brand. Feminists are among those involved, naturally. And even Ivanka Trump's fashion products have been among the boycott targets. Boycotters say that as Ivanka continues to stand by her father's terrible policies, she deserves to be boycotted too.

Meanwhile, others have hit back, saying that boycotting Ivanka, a feminist career woman making her fortune for herself, is the most anti-feminist thing you can do.

So who are the real feminists, and who are the anti-feminists?

We believe there are no real answers to this. This is a great example to show that, while feminists all believe in women's empowerment, we may choose different paths to realise our goal, because we see the world differently. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all act in our best conscience, after all.

p.s. Personally, we think that there is no point boycotting Ivanka for standing by her father's administration, as anyone in her position would do the same too, right?