Monday, March 6, 2017

Let the Suffragette White Become a Feminist Symbol Once More

Recently, during Donald Trump's Congress speech, a group of Democratic female members all dressed in white, inspired by the dress code of the suffragette movement, to send him a clear message that they will be serious about protecting women's rights.

As we appreciated such a display of unity and purpose, especially necessary in the current situation, we couldn't help but think that, perhaps, the whole feminist movement can be inspired by the Suffragette story and spirit once again.

Right now, rightly or wrongly, many people see feminism as having a 'party line' all feminists have to follow if they want to be in the club, so to speak. Meanwhile, many women simply don't believe in feminism, because they don't want to support this 'party line'. Perhaps they feel that feminism is about toeing a party line they don't believe in.

But back in the suffragette days, feminism was made for every woman. The suffragettes were all about making sure every woman had a vote, and women from all walks of life and all political viewpoints were among the participants of this movement. Nearly 100 years ago, feminism was about every woman having a voice. We believe it's time feminism got back to those roots.